The Team

Dr. Sarah Peters is a Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology and Principal Investigator for the Polar Bear Study

Dr Joanna Goldthorpe is a Research Fellow in Psychology and is the Project Manager for the Polar Bear Study.

Prof Iain Pretty is a Professor of Public Health Dentistry and Consultant in Dental Public Health and provides expertise in all areas of dentistry and dental public health.

Dr. Sarah Cotterill is a Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics and provides expertise in trial design and statistical analysis.

Prof Jo Hart is a Professor of Health Professional Education and a Health Psychologist. Jo provides expertise for the POLAR training programme and toolkit.

The team receives additional support and advice from primary care dental health professionals, Ravi Singh & Kate McKenzie; pediatric dentist, Carly Dixon; dental public health consultants, Zoe Marshman & Deborah Moore; director of research for Colgate Palmolive, Richard Hogan and health psychologists, Anna Chisholm and Eleanor Bull .

A group of parents of young children representing patients and the public contribute to the design and execution of the Polar Study and have helped to design the Polar training and toolkit.

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